Red Rider

Huge Afromosia and Teak sideboard circa early 1960s

Fler 64 sideboard in teak circa mid 1960s.

Ernst Hansen 7 piece teak dining suite circa mid 1960s

Noblett sideboard circa 1960s in teak

Danish Deluxe daybed circa 1960s in blackwood and new Warwick upholstery

Handmade breakfast bar in recycled hardwood and marble

Chiswell extra long sideboard 243cm in teak

Danish Deluxe Inga daybed in blackwood

Pair of Danish Deluxe Hans Wegner “the chair” in blackwood

Huge Parker sideboard in teak circa mid 1960s 2.36 meters

Fler daybed circa 1962

6 Johannes Andersen Juliane chairs in teak Denmark circa 1960s

Hans Olsen for Frem Rojle Denmark 7 piece dining suite in teak and afromosia

FLER Narvik daybed by Fred Lowen circa 1962 in blackwood

Mid Century concrete cone planters

Parker Nordic Sideboard in teak

Extremely rare Rodd mid century sideboard circa 1960s.

Danish Deluxe Inga lounge suite

Huge Parker teak sideboard buffet circa 1960s 2.35 meters

Three TH Brown barstools circa 1960s

Parker sideboard in teak rare 137cm Nordic model

Danish Deluxe teak sideboard designed by Borg Gjorstvang

Danish deluxe Inga daybed sofa

Ernst Hansen dining suite circa 1960s

Italian wire and glass table inspired by Warren Platner circa 1970s

Roger McLay Kone Chairs circa 1950s

FLER Narvik day bed and two chairs in blackwood by fred Lowen

Huge Parker teak sideboard circa 1965 2.36 meters long

FLER Flerclub 4 seater sofa by Fred Lowen

Pair of Danish deluxe Inga high backs in new Kvadrat Danish wool

TH Brown bar stools circa early 1960s

Danish deluxe Inga daybed in Warwick fabric

Ladderax style wall unit white with teak modules

FLER 64 buffet sideboard by Lowen and Roddick

Pair of Hans Wegner “the chair” made by Danish Deluxe Australia in blackwood

Ladderax style modular wall unit in teak on steel frames circa 1960s

Danish deluxe Inga daybed re-upholstered in dark grey circa 1962

Pair of classic TH Brown bar stools

Danish deluxe Inga day bed couch in new grey upholstery

FLER Narvik Daybed 3 sofa in charcoal Zepel fabric by Fred Lowen circa 1962

FLER Narvik armchairs by Fred Lowen circa mid 1960s

FLER 64 range teak buffet sideboard fully restored

Stunning Danish teak sideboard circa 1960s

4 Kofod Larsen teak dining chairs

FLER daybed sofa fully restored and reupholstered

Rare FLER flerholme suite by Fred Lowen circa mid 1960s

Vintage lowline 4 seater couch and chair circa 1960s reupholstered

FLER Narvik armchairs by Fred Lowen in blackwood

Pair of rare Gerald Easden Module swivel armchairs

Danish Deluxe daybed couch c.1960s

Ladderax modular wall unit circa 1960s

Mid century modern lounge suite

FLER “Norsk Divan” daybed by Fred Lowen restored

Dux Swedish couch circa 1960s

Danish Deluxe rare Mertyl low back armchairs

Fler Narvik day bed couch by Fred Lowen fully restored

Danish convertible coffee table/dining table

Original 1960s Parker rattan back 3 seater low back couch

Danish deluxe vintage retro day bed couch early 1960s

Unusual 1960s mid century modern arm chairs

Huge Parker teak sideboard circa early 1960s

Vintage teak buffet sideboard by Chatterley

1950s candy stripe patio setting

French extension dining table

Fler Narvic Armchairs by Fred Lowen

Stunning rosewood danish sideboard

Set of 4 oak dining chairs by Johannes Andersen

Lafer vintage 3 seater leather and rosewood sofa

Danish Deluxe sofa