Red Rider

FLER Narvik Daybed 3 sofa in charcoal Zepel fabric by Fred Lowen circa 1962

This beautiful early blackwood frame is the drop down back model with supporting legs to make a spare bed. It has new cushions replicated from the originals in quality high density foam and recovered in a stunning charcoal fabric from Zepel the spring quilting has been replaced also. The coarse weave fabric has multiple grey and black tones with a slight sheen that contrasts with the timber frame for dramatic effect. A great investment as these are getting harder to find good undamaged original frames especially with the factory stickers intact. This one is still in its original factory polish which has been cleaned and oiled and come up beautifully.




We also have a stamped 1963 cantilever frame model with matching armchairs coming- if you want to choose fabric let us know quickly and we could do it to your choice. I have several daybeds in the pipeline including 2 Danish Deluxe Inga and a FLER Kalinga which can be restored to your choice.